Lightweight construction made easy

High performance foams for all your applications and processes

Whether your selection criteria include density, processing temperature, cell size or a specific mechanical property performance level, we offer a full line of structural foam products to meet whatever your project requires.

ROHACELL® foam has been a core solution in sandwich design composite applications since 1972 and provides impressive mechanical strength, even at very low densities, with a heat distortion temperature and creep compression strength superior to any other rigid foam. For select grades, properties can be even further enhanced with heat treatment.

With innovative ROHACELL® Triple F, you can design a density specific, highly repeatable, fully integrated part. Complex foam core geometries that were previously only possible by CNC milling, can now be efficiently produced with 100% material utilization. No dust mess or landfill waste! Ideal for your high volume production.

ROHAFORM® is a state-of-the-art, lightweight particle foam core material for industries with stringent fire, smoke and toxicity level requirements. It exceeds both US and European regulatory FST requirements for commercial aircraft interiors.

ROHACRYL™ has been developed to meet the requirements of high-volume industries with a clear focus on lightweight and sustainable applications. Its high performance and contribution to sustainability are a step ahead for products, processes and value chains in the composite industry.​

Foams like no others

Low density, outstanding material properties, high temperature resistance and boundless design freedom opportunities make our foams ideal for composite sandwich structures in any industry. Our regional experts will guide you in selecting the perfect product for your application’s success.

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