ROHACELL® in medical technology

“Whoever plans, constructs or instructs others to conduct and perform activities under this ordinance is obliged to keep human and environmental exposure to radiation as low as scientifically and technically achievable (= ALASTA principle),” German X-Ray Ordinance §2c (2), April 30, 2003

The exposure to ionizing radiation, even in minimal doses, is associated with the risk of developing cancer or leukemia. Patient tables for X-ray and CT scans with a structural core made of ROHACELL® help reduce the necessary radiation exposure in diagnostic procedures.

Because of its high material strength, only a relatively thin core of ROHACELL® with low density is required for X-ray and CT patient tables, which must meet the highest requirements. To meet the same mechanical demands, e.g., shear strength, other foams have to be much thicker, or must have a higher density (view graph below). This not only affects how well the tables can be handled by the operator, but also leads to higher absorption rates of X-ray beams, which ultimately are either not available for diagnostic imaging or have to be improved by higher dosages affecting the patient's physical integrity.

The homogenous cell structure of ROHACELL® and the resulting even surface distribution of resin leads to low-interference X-ray images for optimal diagnosis. As an additional benefit, the structural foam is easy to process mechanically and can be shaped with thermoforming methods.

Whether used in X-ray tables, CT beds, mammography plates for diagnostic purposes, stretchers and tables in emergency medicine, or in specialty tables for therapeutic use, ROHACELL® is a structural core that benefits patients, hospital staff, and manufacturers alike, thanks to the outstanding properties of this novel and lightweight structural foam.


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