lightweight foams for the mobility and transportation industry

Mobility and Transportation

Lightweighting with composites in future mobility

Compared to monolithic composite structures, sandwich technology with a lightweight foam core is an excellent way to reduce weight without sacrificing rigidity. With its outstanding mechanical properties and low densities, ROHACELL®, ROHACELL® Triple F, and ROHACRYLTM foams offer the most weight-saving potential of all structural foams.

Lightweight materials for the mobility sector are the secret to efficient designs for today and the future. Reducing weight significantly contributes to performance and often provides a path toward reducing a vehicle’s carbon footprint. Whether it’s an electric car, a high speed train or even a marine vessel, Performance Foams have a multitude of benefits to designers looking to create products with optimal performance and structural strength at the lowest possible weight.  Explore the product solutions we offer these weight sensitive industries.