Real 5G

ROHACELL® is a clear choice

We sat down with Tobias Björnhov, CEO of Corebon (Malmö, Sweden) to talk about the reason they use Evonik’s ROHACELL® foam, and where the future of 5G communication is going.

Corebon – Skiers designing skis was just the beginning of their story.

Founded in 2003, Corebon knows all the secrets to designing and producing superior alpine skis. Started by skiers who also had a background in production, they knew there were better and more efficient ways to produce their composite ski products. Thus began their search for new technologies to make possible the improvements they desired, but knew could not be achieved with existing, traditional methods.

What they uncovered were not only new processes for more efficient ski production, but also a new opportunity to use their production technology know-how to produce advanced antenna products for the 5G revolution. Today, they are continuing to develop efficient composite production technology with benefits for many other product industries.