Earning the Yellow Jersey Made Easy

High-tech and craftsmanship made in Germany: Why a bicycle manufacturer near Lake Constance relies on ROHACELL® for its wheel rims to help it sprint into the top-ranking in the world of professional cycling. A case in point: Team MILRAM at the Tour de France 2009.

Ten stages across flat country, seven across mountain highlands, one across rough hilly terrain, and two individual and team time trials. Total distance: around 3,500 kilometers; duration: three weeks. With even the spectators of the Tour de France required to possess a certain amount of stamina and capacity for endurance, this, the world’s most prominent cycling event, is a grueling test for the riders. Talent, training, and top physical condition on competition days are key prerequisites for making it across the finish lines. Another is excellent equipment. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), or simply carbon, is the premium material of choice these days. CarbonSports, a Friedrichshafen-based bicycle manufacturer, uses this material to make one of the best racing wheels in the world. To help it achieve even better rankings in cycling’s top league, the high-tech craftsmen at CarbonSports use a material produced in Darmstadt—ROHACELL® rigid foam made by Evonik Industries— in the core rim section of their lightweight wheels.


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