Cross-Country Skiing Made Easy

Cross-country skiing goes back a long way, yet is attracting new followers. The high-tech systems by Madshus and Evonik are making believers of beginners.

Many winter sports enthusiasts have rediscovered cross-country skiing, thereby fueling a new trend in winter sports. Cross-country skiing has become increasingly popular over the years, not least inspired by the successes of top athletes from Germany. For both professional and amateur skiers, equipment in particular is the next important priority after stamina. It determines who gets to step up on the winners’ podium and makes ski vacations enjoyable and safe. For several years, Madshus, a Norwegian ski manufacturer, has been using a high-performance rigid foam made from polymethacrylimide (PMI) as an integral part of its ski core.

Exciting competitions and broad media attention have made biathlon and cross-country skiing increasingly popular. Like no other, this age-old sport is enjoying a revival. Forget the slopes! Inspired by the athletes, more and more winter sports enthusiasts are discovering the ski runs, which present a real alternative to the ski resorts of the Alpine realms. In Scandinavia, for example, fun and an unforgettable outdoor experience go hand in hand, which offers the plus of healthy endurance training. Gliding through the snow is also good for one’s health, since several muscles are activated, although without putting too much strain on the body. While technical prowess, physical strength, stamina and agility are what’s called for in any athlete—pro or recreational—the quality of the skis does, of course, also play a vital role. There is one thing that both top-notch and recreational skiers have in common: They can count on the skis built by the Norwegian manufacturer Madhsus.


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